Counseling Services

What we bring to counseling is just as diverse as the world we live in. Our counseling space is open and welcoming. You can feel safe to explore your life story and trust that your story will be treated with respect and support. Confidentiality is a foundational piece to our therapeutic relationship.

Here are a few thoughts that bring people into therapy that we help explore.

Individual Therapy

  • I'm stressed at work and don't know what to do next.

  • My child is having issues at school and I don't know what to do.

  • Something happened to me when I was younger that I haven't shared with anyone.

  • I feel lonely. I don't think anyone cares about me.

  • My friends keep saying I should 'talk to someone'.

  • I've lost someone I love.

  • I don't know if I should continue in this relationship.

  • I feel so overwhelmed.

  • Sometimes I feel like I'm not myself.

  • I don't think my family would accept me if they knew who I am or what I've done.

  • I'm scared people will find out ...

Couples Therapy

  • They don't understand me.

  • We're always fighting.

  • We can't agree on anything.

  • We're thinking of having another child.

  • We just lost a child.

  • They cheated.

  • I just learned that my ...

Family Therapy

  • What does co-parenting even mean?

  • I feel like I'm doing all the work.

  • I'm the step-parent, so what am I supposed to do?

  • I feel like I'm failing at this parenting thing.

  • They just scream all the time.

  • They won't talk to me about ...

Whatever brings you to therapy we aim to collaborate with you to help you take ownership over writing the details of your story.